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¿Qué es y dónde está la terapia interpersonal?

Autor: Josep Solé Puig

Número de Revista de Psicoterapia a la que pertenece el artículo: 0022

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Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) is a brief psychotherapy centered, interpersonal, psychosocial problems of the mentally ill. Not psychoanalysis or behaviorism or cognitivism. But you can use some of their concepts to the extent that contribute to enhance the interpersonal skills of the patient and his hold on the psychosocial context. The TIP is intended as a standardized, measurable and cost psychotherapy. It was originally designed for depression, but has found new applications: geropsiquiatría, consumption of psychotropic drugs, bulimia nervosa, marital conflict, and bipolar disorder. Have also been standardized forms of counseling and maintenance. Describe the practice of TIP and its theoretical and empirical bases. Curricular itinerary is exposed, the delimitation versus other psychotherapies, evaluating their effectiveness and variants listed TIP.

Disponibilidad: En existencia

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An overview of the state of the art in interpersonal therapy (IPT) is given, probably the first in spanish. IPT is a short-term psychotherapy disigned to deal with the patients’ psychosocial and interpersonal context. IPT is not psychoanalysis, nor behavior therapy, nor cognitive therapy. It can use some of their concepts to achieve the goals chosen. Since IPT is suposed to be standardized, efficient, and economical, is likely to gain increasing importance in Europe. IPT is easy to be learned by experienced therapists, regardless of their orientation. The use of IPT as well as the theoretical and empirical background are described. In addition, the training program in IPT and a comparison with other psychotherapies are given. Finally, efficacy studies and derivative forms of IPT are described.
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