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La naturaleza autojustificativa del discurso terapéutico

Autor: Julie Gerhardt y Charles Stinson

Número de Revista de Psicoterapia a la que pertenece el artículo: 0022

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Because of the problems in determining the validity of the stories of life in the psychoanalytic interview, we used the concept of narrative to reinforce the idea that customer accounts represent different versions of the truth rather than an a priori truth independent of the story, as provided archaeological model of Freud. However, although no question the narrative of the history of the client, to be shown here is that the client dialogue is structured around the justification-and more specifically the self-justifications.

Disponibilidad: En existencia

€ 2,00



Due to the problems involved in trying to determine the validity of the life history accounts in the psychonalytically based encounter, the concept of narrative has proven very useful for promoting the view that the client tellings represent different versions of the truth rather than a truth that exists prior to and independent of the storied constructions, as Freud’s archeological model would have it. However, although the irreducibly narrative character of client talk is not contested, the claim developed herein is that client talk is structured around the practice of account-giving, more specifically giving accounts of the self.
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